Making the Most of Your Storage Unit Space

If you are renting a storage unit at Cox Climate Controlled Storage, chances are that you want to make as much use of that space as possible. While it may seem like common sense to just stack all of your items on top of each other, there are a few methods to use to make the most use of your available space. Check out some of our storage unit packing tips below!

Plan Your Boxes

When most people bring their belongings to store in a storage unit, they store them in boxes. Whether you choose to use traditional cardboard boxes or reusable storage totes, they can be stacked in such a way that makes the most out of your space. You’ll want to put the biggest and heaviest boxes around the edge of the storage unit, as you probably won’t move them very often. Then stack your lighter containers on top of the heavier containers, doing your best to leave as little space between the boxes as possible to utilize the most space.

Make Room for Furniture

Furniture is another common item people keep in their storage unit. Because furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, it can seem a bit complicated to make room for everything. We recommend dismantling your larger furniture pieces, like bed frames. If you are storing items like bookshelves, you can utilize that extra space by storing your smaller boxes and other items on the shelves themselves.

We also recommend wrapping all of your furniture in plastic wrap before placing them in your storage unit. This keeps your furniture from getting scuffed up and also helps to restrain drawers from moving while you are shifting the furniture around.

Don’t Forget to Make a Path

While it may seem like the best idea to just stack as much stuff in your storage unit as possible, that can become an issue if you need to get anything from the back of the unit. So, in order to make the most of your space while still having access to your personal stuff, you should create pathways. The paths don’t have to be extremely wide, just large enough for you to walk through with a box in your hands.

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