The Importance of Climate Control

So, what does “climate controlled storage” mean? Easy — it’s a storage area where the temperature and humidity are controlled, or set to remain within certain parameters, so that these factors are consistent all year-round. Because we live in Missouri, we experience frequent and large changes in climate throughout the year, and often see wild swings between heat and cold, dryness and humidity.

Outside vs. Inside

Most standard storage units have metal, pull-down doors that don’t do a very good job of keeping out the elements. In fact, those metal doors can often mean the temperature inside a unit on a hot summer day can be even hotter than outside. And these doors won’t keep out the frigid blasts of arctic winter winds, either. The humidity can really build up inside a unit during rainy weather, as there’s no way to get that moisture out of the air. Not to mention that you often have to be in your storage unit when it’s freezing or sweltering outside!

Climate-controlled storage takes all that exposure out of the equation — we regulate both the temperature and humidity. Climate control not only adds protection from the heat, humidity, and cold, but it also helps keep out dust and bugs that want to invade your space. So not only are your valuable items are safer and more protected, but when you access your unit, you won’t have to be outside in the heat or cold while doing it.

What Items Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

While it’s a great idea to place everything you own in climate-controlled storage, some things definitely need more protection than others. A few examples are:

  • Furniture / Wood Items: Dry air, and swimgs between hot and cold temps can cause wood to warp and crack.
  • Electronics: Extreme heat or cold can cause internal damage to sensitive electronic items like TVs, stereos, applicances, and other household electronics.
  • Antiques / Paintings / Family Heirlooms: Major swings in temperature and humidity can cause molding and cracking, peeling paint, warping and other problems.
  • Clothing / Bedding / Mattresses: Excess moisture and heat can cause these items to mold — even if you can’t see it.

We know how valuable the items our customers store with us are. Our climate controlled storage units mean your important items will be safe year round at an affordable price. Contact us today for more information or to book your storage unit.

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