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At Cox Climate Controlled Storage, we know all about the struggle to find a safe, secure, and convenient place to store your personal items. Conveniently located in downtown Springfield, MO, Cox Climate Controlled Storage solves all your secure storage needs. We offer many different sized secure storage units.

Cox Climate Controlled Storage
221 S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO 65804



Putting the Secure in Secure Storage

Secure Storage Units at Cox Climate Controlled StorageNot all storage units offer equal measures of security. Some have a simple, small chain link fence surrounding a gravel lot. If you don’t have valuables or don’t worry about security, this option might be best for you. We know, however, that most people care about keeping their possessions protected.

For you, a secure storage unit at Cox Climate Controlled Storage is the best option in Springfield, MO. You will receive keycards unique to your unit. No other keycard will offer access to your secure storage units. Our facilities also boast continual video surveillance with full view of the entire facility. We also monitor all the traffic that comes in and out of our facilities, so we can easily track anything suspicious.

Climate Controlled

Perfect for temperature sensitive items, our facilities offer both heating and cooling. Your possessions stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You won’t have to worry about the heat warping your electronics. The extreme up and down Missouri temperatures can quickly destroy your valuables. Don’t give it a chance - choose a secure, climate controlled self storage facility instead.

Easy Access

You will find Cox Climate Controlled Storage conveniently located in downtown Springfield, near the four largest college and university campuses in the city.

The location is not the only thing convenient about our facilities.You will find multiple entrances with more than enough space for large trucks and trailers. Your unit will come with easy-to-roll-up doors wide enough for you to store all of your belongings.

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If you need a secure storage space for your belongings, then you need a Cox Climate Controlled Storage unit. We will take care of you and protect your possessions. Keep your belongings safe from the elements and thieves; keep your belongings in one of our high-tech secure storage units.
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